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How to create & add bots to discord

Bots are one of the most distinctive elements of Discord’s multi-level communication platform. Discord bots are artificial intelligences that may be used to automate a variety of helpful functions and Discord bot commands on your server, such as greeting new members, regulating material, and banning rule violators. You may utilize bot commands to add music, memes, and games to your server using bot kahoot commands. Whether you’re an administrator searching for assistance regulating your server or a user searching for new methods to communicate with other server users, Discord bots may elevate your experience.

As such, understanding how to install and utilize bots is critical to optimizing your platform experience. This post will discuss some of the greatest bots available and how to add them to Discord. Additionally, you will learn how to create your own bot.

How to Get Bots on Discord

When adding bots to Discord, you should first determine the kind of bot you want on your server. Are you searching for a moderation bot, a bot that adds Discord games, or a bot that plays music? Numerous websites provide tips for Discord bots. The best website for finding Discord bots is We’ll address how to get bots on Discord on later in this post. organizes bots into lists depending on their ranking, topic, newness, and platform certification. If you’re new to bots and want to locate the finest bots for your server, I suggest going through the aforementioned lists.

The following are some brief suggestions for the greatest Discord bots. MEE6 is the most effective moderating bot. MEE6 bot commands can automatically check your server’s chat room for inappropriate language, bad links, spam, and spoilers and alert users to rule infractions. Additionally, you may enable MEE6 to mute, kick, or ban users after a certain number of offenses. Additionally, MEE6 may “level up” members on your channel in exchange for their involvement and award them with bespoke roles, as well as search for and play music.

More information on how to utilize MEE6 and other popular moderation bots may be found here.

If you want to add some entertaining Discord gaming bots to your server, I suggest IdleRPG or RockPuppy. IdleRPG is a sophisticated roleplaying game bot that enables you to create a character, go on adventures, and level up in conjunction with other server users. RockPuppy extends the server’s functionality by adding simple games such as ConnectFour, Truth or Dare, Tarot, and an 8ball. Both game bots provide enjoyable methods to engage people on your server by promoting conversations through text-based games.

For further bot recommendations, see our post on the ten greatest Discord bots.

How to Configure Discord Bots

To add bots to a Discord server, search for them online or on the creator’s website. After selecting one, click the “invite” button to be taken to Discord’s browser application. As seen above, you may choose which server to add the bot to, but bear in mind that you can only add a bot to a server for which you are an administrator or moderator. After granting permission, the bot will appear on your server and be immediately functional.

Instructions for the discord bot

Each bot comes with a set of instructions that you can use in-server to direct it to complete certain tasks. Once these instructions are introduced, some bots will show an in-server tutorial, while others may be searched up online through the bot’s website. To use a Discord bot command, just write it into a text channel’s text box and hit “enter.” You will be prompted for any further Discord instructions by the bot. The GIF above illustrates how to utilize the “status” command on the IdleRPG bot quickly.

To remove a bot from your server, just right-click on the bot’s name in the server’s member list and choose either “kick” or “ban,” depending on whether you want to remove the bot temporarily or permanently.

How to Create Discord Bots

Creating a bot on Discord is a little more complex and needs some understanding of basic computer programming. As such, before creating a new application, check to see whether another one already performs the duties you want.

Creating a Discord bot

To begin, go to the Discord Developer Portal and create a new “App”. Then, on the left side of your application’s screen, select the “Bot” tab. Give your bot a name and click the “Generate” token button to generate a “token” for it. A “token” is a string of numbers and characters. You must include this token at the end of your bot’s code in order for Discord to validate it.

To continue the remainder of the coding, you may use a program such as Node (for network applications) or Pylon (a new application specifically for building bots). These programs will execute your JavaScript program once you have written it. Additionally, you may get hundreds of code samples on GitHub by searching for “Discord bots”.

For further information on how to create bots for Discord, see this page on WriteBots.

Constructing the Best Server

Bots are an excellent method to increase the organization, enjoyment, and interactivity of your server. Each user should learn how to add Discord bots to their server in order to improve it.

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