All The Other Things, Now With Updates!

This process of buying a house and selling our house and trying to live all the rest of the things in our lives in between, has been quite, um, adventurous. And overwhelming.

There have been some serious moments of stress for sure, but the one nice thing is that Ryan and I were both united in our desire to get things moving fast, so decisions were made and work was done and many meals were eaten out away from the house.

Here are some other things that have been going on:

:: The first farm ball games were last several weeks ago. They keep score in farm ball and our team did well the first game and won the second game. Tate had two outs in his first game, which was a real confidence booster.

:: Last Sunday Several Sundays ago, we had a double header in flag football. There could not have been a worse day weather wise. Starting with practice there was torrential rain and wind and then in the first game, some hail thrown in for good measure. The kids played through it amazingly well. Tate had a great first game. Two touchdowns, at least 13 flag pulls. But by the second game, when they were forced to take a break because of thunder, he was in rough shape. However, one of our previously most distracted players had his best game yet, so that was nice.

Watching those little ones play three hours of football through the worst weather imaginable was intense. Regardless of how they played, they were out there and hopefully this kind of determination will serve them well later.

And not hate football forever.

:: We had a good open house weekend. Over the course of three weeks we packed away 75 percent of our belongings in a POD, had the house staged, professionally cleaned, carpets cleaned, windows washed and yard landscaped. We didn’t eat at home for days in order to keep out any food smells and we boarded the dog during the open house weekend.

We put it on the market in the best shape it’s ever looked and we are hoping that everything works out with the offer we received.

:: Tomorrow is the inspection and I’ve been working on keeping it in great shape. I even spent the afternoon running up and down a ladder like a deranged mountain goat with a hose, in order to get the gutters clean. Luckily for me it was also raining at the time so I got to test them out right away.

:: Derek is enjoying Pre-K so much now. He has friends and is excited about it each day he goes. I’m hoping he will be ready to go next year full days the way signed up for. He’s ready and his reading is just incredible. I’m still unclear how this all happened, but he’s even working on sounds from the early readers Tate is bringing home from Kindergarten. It would be such a shame for him to miss it.

:: It was my birthday and Mother’s Day in very quick succession. We had a farm ball game on my actual birthday, so dinner was at Laurelwood for convenience, but the boys picked me out a dress and a pair of very trendy sunglasses from Anthropologie. The style picks of little boys are truly the best. I heart them.

We had a flag football game on Mother’s Day, but then we had the best dinner at Bamboo Sushi, which is where we went last year. It was so yummy. Tate loves him some sushi. Derek does not, at all, but he had a delicious Wagyu burger and was happy. The weather was perfect and sitting outside, enjoying a beer while waiting for a table with Ryan, watching our boys run up and down the sidewalk, pretty much epitomized the perfect day.

Tate wrote me the sweetest card for my birthday:

And Derek wrote this one for Mother’s Day, all by himself:


with the farm ball twice a week and the football on Sundays and the house and the schooling and the I don’t even know, someone please stop this train.

But no, it’s good. And here are the updates.

Update 1: We sold our house! It’s done, folks. People have signed all the important documents on both sides and there is happiness for all. We close on our new house on May 30 and the buyer on our house closes on May 30. For five minutes we will feel extremely wealthy as we look at the sale proceeds from our house and then we will write an enormous check for the new house and feel poorer than we ever have. Wonderful!

But we are grateful. We sold quickly and for a good price. All the hard work and stress paid off. Also, I believe we have fully funded the college educations of all the employees of Laughing Planet on Woodstock for the rest of the year with by eating there daily for weeks.

Update 2: It was super fun to drive by the new house and see this all over the sign:

There was never even a sale pending sign up, so we were a little worried. But then it was “sold.” We’re pretty sure to us, since they keep letting us in the house.

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