Your Day As A New Affiliate Marketer Working Online Secret

Let’s take a look at your day as a new affiliate marketer. Working in the affiliate marketing business you will here some people say how much easier it is now than it was 8-10 years ago and you will here people say it is much harder now because there is so much competition. Both sides have a good argument. The improvements in technology and the software available today make it somewhat easier but the people that talk about the competition do have a point in my view. But that’s not really what this article is about.

So with your computer, ipad, super sophisticated cell phone close by at hand, a day in your life would look something like this…

You wake up and may or may not check your email before breakfast. Most affiliate marketers will check their sales stats pretty soon after getting up. We are human and want to see if we made any money while we were sleeping. After all the gurus told us we would get rich while we were sleeping.

You will check Facebook and Twitter not long after getting on the computer. Maybe not the right thing to do but you do it anyway. Got to see what old friends and old sweethearts did yesterday and last night.

You just got your first site up and you keep looking at the design. The site design has to be revised you think. Not flashy enough…. Some affiliate marketer told you that a well-designed site can increase sign ups from visitors. Hmm… maybe. But you decide don’t have time for that now. Good idea.

You decide it’s time to submit your website to directories. An hour or two spent that probably should have been spent doing something else right now.

Whoops you almost forgot. Time to check email again. Lots of stuff to read. (Mostly junk) Of course you don’t know that yet. You need to read everything about running an internet business you can. So you sign up for 10 more lists to get more stuff during hour you spend reading email and surfing.

It’s time for lunch now. Man I didn’t get anything done this morning. That’s a big step in the right direction if you realize you didn’t get anything done.

Back from lunch. Need to check your email right fast. Dad gum another hour went by already. But you read some good stuff. Found 5 more gurus and signed up for their lists too so you can get more free stuff.

Check Clickbank right fast to see if any sales have come in. Nope. This site has been up a week and no sales. What’s going on here. I need to read some more stuff and find out what I am doing wrong.

You decide to read this new e-book you purchased the other day. “How To Make A Million Dollars In One Week By Just Pushing This Blue Button” You would settle for $500,000 in a week right now if you can’t make a cool million. Lets see it says I need to purchase this software for $39.00 and it will do everything for me including telling me how to make the blue button I need.

So it’s only $39.00 bucks. You got 50 left on that credit card. Man this should be the ticket. I hope. You order the super duper software.

One problem you can’t figure out what to with this software after you get it. It will take at least a week to figure this software out. Put it on the shelf over here for now. You got to check for any sales and then check your emails. There may be potential clients emailing you questions about your website.

Time flies. It’s almost dark and you have got to get to the gym for a workout. This is probably the smartest thing that you as a new affiliate marketer have done all day.

Unfortunately this is how a day in the life looks for a lot of people that start an online business. As a matter of fact probably most. I should I have been there. Embarrassed to tell how many of those $39.00 e-books and pieces of software that I have bought.

Truth is the $39.00 products don’t bother me to much. I purchased products before that cost 25 times that much that I have never really used. Some e-books I bought I probably never read a word. Forgot where I put them on my computer an hour after I bought them.

But there is a better way…. If you are a newbie or if you are a veteran that has been doing nothing but wasting money for years there is something special going on I want to tell you about.

Ain’t no get rich quick scheme. Requires hard work. Requires you to take real action when you are supposed to be working on your business. You will have to put in some long hours, especially when you just starting. If you work a day job you may be up until almost time to get up an go to work to get stuff done. Real stuff that will make you money . Yes I still spend to much time checking email. Old habits are hard to break.

But if you truly want to learn a system. And yes you must have a system to succeed on the internet in this environment. I suggest you take a look at the Niche Affiliate Marketing System. It’s a great group of people that all have one purpose in mind. Helping you succeed. If you are willing to do the work.


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