Which Case will Be Best for Your iPhone?

iPhone is one of the most popular and expensive phones out there in the market and who doesn’t flaunt on being an owner of this flagship device. That’s the reason many hesitate to put a case on the phone. Well, your point is true; if you put a case, the total beauty of the phone will get vanished into thin air.

But what is more important – its beauty or safety? Safety is obviously the important aspect. How intimidating it is even to have a single thought of falling/slipping from your hands! What if it gets broken or scratched or what if it stops responding/turning on. People purchase not to be appreciated for their possession of such a premium device, they buy it for their personal use. Therefore, it’s better to use an iPhone screen protector to keep the device safe and functional.

Before going deeper, we should know why it is an utmost necessity to get your iPhone a cover;

Why should one buy a phone case?

Buying a 90k phone isn’t a big deal. Making proper safety precautions are needed to carry around your pricey phone for a longer period.

A phone case gives your overall phone protection covering the edges and back. A good case should give your phone the minimum impact when it’s put down and ensure that not even a scratch leaves behind.

Now, let’s begin with discussing which case will go well with your iPhone?

Generally, phone cases are divided into three categories, and it applies to iPhones as well. The three categories are:

1) Slim cases,

2) Protective cases,

3) Heavy cases.

It’s better to choose a case by knowing more than just its name.


Slim cases are very light and easy to carry around. Plus they do not make your phone appear thick. But the main thing to see in a slim case is its fitting.

Choose for a slim case that fits all the way around your phone. Avoid choosing the kind of case which clips just onto the back of your phone as it will leave all the other sides and edges exposed.

Still, if you insist on choosing such a case your aluminum frame will be damaged easily leaving your phone with a shattered screen.

You might have seen many of the iPhone users with a spider web on their screen. If you don’t want to end up like them, choose a case which protects your phone completely, not just a part of it.

Image source: Pinterest


These protective cases are a bit thicker than the slim ones, and they also offer more protection. A protective case give your iPhone a longer life as it doesn’t wear out easily. This also offers good durability. Hence, choosing a protective case is a good option when you are a proud owner of an iPhone.


There are heavy-duty iPhone cases on the online marketplace for those who are engaged into the rough and tough jobs. With robust iPhone screen protector, such cases provide utmost protection to your iPhone.

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Now decide which case will best fit your iPhone. Carrying your iPhone without a cover is quite a huge risk which you cannot afford. So make sure that you buy a case for your iPhone when you buy the iPhone. If you haven’t bought it yet, garb the one now.

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