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Social Games Help: How to play Cafe World?

If you are thinking about giving a try to a cool game available on Facebook –

, I have prepared a short and easy step-by-step tutorial telling you

or, better said, which first steps you should take and what elements you should always consider. Read on and get ready for a really cool game!

First, you will have to create your

by choosing male or female. Don’t worry too much about this right now since you will customize things later. (to customize your Cafe World character, simply click on it while playing and select the items there. If you’re just starting, it would make no point to spend money on different accessories!)

Next, you will have to complete a brief tutorial that will teach you how to do the basic things in Cafe World: prepare a hamburger by clicking on the stove until the food is ready for cooking. Next, follow the instructions to move the hamburgers that are ready to the stoves.

Then you are asked to select a friend to work as a waiter in your Cafe. You can choose whoever you like – they don’t have to accept the request and they don’t have to be playing the game for them to “work” for you.

Do waiters and cooks in Cafe World need to be paid or do they need rest? No, they can work non stop, which is a great thing!

Now, after completing the Cafe World tutorial (cooking a new dish, serving the two hamburger ones and cleaning the stoves), you will be allowed to buy one more. Do so immediately, by clicking on the two little wheels joined together (the Functional section) and select a stove – they all do the same job regardless of their proce, so go for the cheapest one for now. Place it in your cafe by clicking on a tile you want it to be, then click on the arrows to rotate it until it fits your taste.

1. Check out all the buttons in the game. Read everything about them but don’t start purchasing extra stuff just yet.

2. Make sure to add neighbors as soon as possible – the more, the better. If you don’t have too many friends who play Cafe World, simply check out on this website the post for finding more neighbors!

3. Always keep all the stoves cooking, but calculate when you will be back online to take the food of the stoves: if too much time passes after the food is cooked, it will spoil and you will have to throw it away!

4. You can only have one customer sitting at one table, so placing more chairs around it would be a waste of money. Also make sure that your customers can access the chairs.

5. If you run out of food, do not worry. Simply set some food up, close the cafe world window and return after a while – you won’t lose Buzz Rating and you will still get lots of customers.

6. Keep an eye on your wall for when friends share different goodies from Cafe World: you can earn extra dishes or coins, completely free!

7. After you have a few neighbors, don’t forget to visit their cafes by clicking the thumbnails in the lower section of the game and accepting to test their food (leaving a tip won’t cost you anything, also!). You will get some coins and experience in exchange.

Have fun and check back soon on

for more tips and tricks on how to play

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