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Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone Review

The look of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone is quite similar to other smartphones. However, a closer look reveals that this phone is indeed quite different from the rest. 4G power, combined with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor provides a experience that is quite similar to using a fast computer. When these features are combined with a 4.3-inch touch display, the phone seems quite similar to a tablet.
Pictures and Video

This phone comes with a 8MP camera built in. This level of megapixels is more than high enough to capture high quality photographs. It also serves as a video camera, with the ability to film in 1080p full HD. An additional 2MP camera is built into the front. This allows users to video message friends and family.

Pictures, videos and more can be stored on the 16GB internal memory. However, there is also the option to insert a microSD card in order to expand the memory capabilities. Photos and videos can be uploaded to social media or photo sharing websites. They can also be transferred directly onto any modern computer.

Additional Features

3.0 Bluetooth capability is included, as is GPS navigation. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone does have the ability to serve as a hotspot, and includes Wi-Fi networking features. It is important to note that in order to use the phone as a hotspot, a specific plan that includes that option must be purchased directly from the cell phone provider.

Talk Time

If there is one negative to this smartphone, it would be that the talk time is only 3.5 hours. The battery can be drained relatively quickly when filming video and taking pictures. Purchasing a backup battery may be wise if you plan to use the phone frequently. Though the talk time is lower than other cell phones, it is comparable to other smartphones.

What It Comes With

The basic package includes the phone, battery, charger, USB cable, and users guide. Extra batteries, case, extra memory, and a charger charger can be purchase separately. Prices vary, depending on if you are committing to a contract, upgrading your existing phone, or simply purchasing the phone by itself.

The Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone offers users an impressive amount of features, and does provide the 4G speed that most people desire. This phone is relatively lightweight, yet seems to be sturdy. Aside from the talk time and battery life, this phone provides all the bells and whistles that most people are looking for in a smartphone today.