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M002 Google Android 7″ Touch Screen Tablet PC Computer Netbook UMPC Review

Touch screens, eReaders and notebooks are some of the hottest electronics making hand held iPhones, iPads and Androids fly off the shelves. In the last two weeks I’ve been suing the M002 Google Android 7″ Touch Screen Tablet PC Computer Netbook UMPC and for the most part, I love it.
Buying this from eBay and a reputable dealer, I had looked for some kind of Kindle or Nook which didn’t break that bank. I liked the fact I could carry it around in my purse or backpack without a great big book bulging out the sides. Wanting one since they came out, I wasn’t thrilled with the price of the Kindle or Nook Color and wanted it to be a little more functional.

Then I laid eyes on the Google Android tablet and the price was excellent. For just under $120 and free shipping, I was able to get the eReader I wanted and have a lot of functionality I didn’t even know I could get.

The reader is perfect. It interfaces with Amazon’s Kindle Store with a free app for Kindle. All the books available for Kindle, are downloaded easily to the Android. When I want to quit reading, it electronically makes a virtual bookmark saving my reading for later.

Here’s the best part! It has built in WiFi, a camera and video capability. I can get my email, watch YouTube videos, surf the web, Skype and more. Anything I can do online, I can do on this tablet.

The upgraded version, which is what I have has a plug-in adapter allowing to be connected to a USB port on your computer. Since the only part that comes with the Android is the charger cord and the adapter, you will have to purchase an additional USB to USB cable to connect. Also, the adapter has an ethernet port for directly accessing the Internet.

I would highly recommend the M002 Google Android 7″ Touch Screen Tablet PC Computer Netbook UMPC if you’re wanting to buy a Kindle or Nook.

However, the functionality of the touch screen is a little slow as well as some of the settings like switching from portrait to landscape screens works most of the time with a few quirks. Also, it should have come with a stylus for better “clicking” capability. After about two weeks I have noticed the touch screen seems to have gotten better, but at first, I had to use the tip of a plastic pen – not a pencil eraser to make it go where I wanted it to go.

Because the touch screen is so sensitive or insensitive (take your pick) it makes it difficult to type on the virtual keyboard and switch between websites. Once you’re on the page you want however, it’s fine.

The bottom line is this, if you’re looking for an eReader, you can’t beat it. It’s awesome. If you’re expecting to sit on the couch and surf the web, hopefully you’ve got a lot of time and patience.

But the fact that the WiFi is basically free if you’ve got service somewhere while you’re away from home (fast food restaurants, coffee shops and libraries) and you just need a couple of directions are a quick phone number, it’s perfect. There’s no additional fees from having a cell phone doing the same thing.

I imagine Google will be upgrading, working out the kinks and giving Apple a run for their money. I hope so as I believe it’s a good start on a great product.

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