It Is Okay To Make Positive Changes: Easy Tips For Greening Up

There is a debate about global warming. Some feel there isn’t such a thing. I know where I stand on the issue, as most of us do. We each know our position. Rarely are we middle of the road. Whether you’re firmly in the YES, the globe is warming or NO, the globe is doing it’s normal cycle, I believe there are some things we can agree upon. We can agree, these things are just good for the world around us, simple to do and easy enough to employ without feeling forced or as if we’re taking up some cause.

I think the focus on cleaning things up is a good, a positive. You could drive yourself crazy trying to have no carbon footprint but there are some things we can do that are simple, many are even free.

Have you ever had a master plan, a grand idea that turned out not to be so good? It was okay, right? We’re allowed to try and adjust. If we weren’t, we’d never get anywhere in any aspect of our lives. So, why can’t we adjust when we learn something we, as a society, have done or been doing something that’s not so good? Of course, that’s a rhetorical question. Well, here’s something quite simple that can make a difference. Stop using paper napkins and paper towels at your home. If you’re really zealous you can take a tea towel to your car and use it instead of napkins at your favorite drive through. Cloth can be washed, you can wash these hand towels with your normal towel laundry so there is no more water use, no more electricity, no more detergent and you’re not using up a bunch of paper. Easy, peasey just like I promised.

This idea is one of my favorites, and I have to honest, I’m really enjoying my switch here. This simple step helps your local economy, your local self employed, yea yea, the environment AND your body. It’s as simple as shopping for all natural and or organic meats, vegetables and fruits. You’re going to like this because you’ll recall FOOD HAS FLAVOR! I didn’t realize how bland genetically altered or synthetically boosted foods are. So, this one is more selfish but does a lot of good.

The food paragraph is all about you and the benefits are almost selfish they’re so tasty. Here the switch is basic but a little tough. It’s tougher because the product we’re working to avoid in this tip is so very convenient. Dump the plastic water bottles! I understand, this is a tough one. So, let me see if I can’t quickly talk you into something else to carry your water. One, nothing taste better than drinking out of glass: LoveBottleDOTnet. If you like metal, they’re getting very popular. A recent study showed bottled water to be less healthy than tap water! Bottled water is overseen by the FDA, tap water the EPA, the EPA is far more stringent in their requirement. There is a massive floating island of plastic in our ocean, it’s HUGE massive, bigger than a state. Less plastic trash, better for our world.

Reduce the amount of packaging and or wrapping you’re using. Opt to buy boxed laundry detergent instead of plastic bottled detergent. Decline to have things bagged by the grocer when you can easily carry out the good/goods. Simple, quick and easy something you can do and feel good about it.

This is one we’re working on here at our homestead, and my motivation is the wallet. Electricity is expensive, especially so when both you and your wife work from home. Our home is running the household equipment all day, as we have a toddler, and our office equipment. So, our electricity bill is frequently $400 per month. So, I’ve taken on the task of switching all the lights to the CFLs, compact fluorescent bulbs. These are supposed to last much longer than the traditional light bulb and they use far less energy. The typical 60w light can be produced with a 13w CFL. That’s pretty cool. Secondly, I’ve begun equipping all the TVs and computers with surge protectors that have on-off switches. Apparently, Americans were demanding quicker response times from their televisions and needed all their electronics to hibernate, not really TURNING OFF. So, they sit there, quiet, acting like they’re off, but they’re really pulling energy 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. So, hitting the off switch,shuts ‘em down right good and well. I’ve not put the cable box onto the surge strip because it has to be able to turn on to record shows. Again, simple, practical, realistic. We cut our electric bill in half, just shutting off power strips and replacing the light bulbs. That’s good for the wallet!

Here’s one I love, it’s easy, easy! If you’re a social network user, specifically Facebook and Bebo, they have an application you can use. It’s free. It’s called, Lil Green Patch. All you do is click it, daily, and click your friends’ names in your group and send them a virtual flower. For every 10 you send, the advertisers of the site, save 1-sq foot of rain forest. They cap how many people you can send to each day, but hey, I’m at 20 people a day. So, every day, I send 20 people a virtual flower and I’m saving 2-sq feet a day of rain forest. It’s quick, it’s free and it’s something simple you can do to help. Your friends don’t have to send one back nor do they even have to click to accept your flower for their virtual garden, you simply have to send ‘em.

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