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How to Write Your First Blog Post

If you don’t consider yourself a writer, you’re probably wondering what on earth you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t fret! I am far from an expert writer myself. But what I’ve learned in order to compensate, is how to find great content that’s already prepared and spin it into my own personal posts. Follow along as we go through blog content creation step-by-step. By the end of the day, you will have your own impressive blog post that we will use to sell products!


Just so you know, I don’t intend to go into too much detail here. This isn’t an essay writing class and besides, blog writing does not have to be difficult or complicated in any way. So first let’s get a general structure in place that you can use to essentially just fill-in-the-blanks. It will really be as simple as that.

For the purposes of keeping it simple, we are going to follow a structure like this:

Body (Point 1 + Point 2)

Seem simple enough? It is! Here’s how to create each of these sections:

My favorite part. Guess which blog headlines are always instant hits?

Question headlines.

So? We’re done! Use the question you already wrote for your Vx5 outline as your headline. Everybody loves question headlines because they instantly captivate your attention while simultaneously telling you exactly what it is you are going to discover when you read it. So for my example, the headline of my blog post is going to be:

> What Foods Will Help Me Lose Weight?

Now, if somebody typed that specific question into Google and found your headline listed, you can only image how pleased they’d be to see that somebody has written a post just for them. That’s what I call targeted traffic.

The purpose of the introduction is simply to tell the reader exactly what’s in store for them. It’s like seeing the preview of a movie. It assures them that they’ve found what they were looking for and it prepares them for the information you’re about to deliver to them. Here’s exactly how I write my introductions:

If you’re looking to discover Headline Question, there are two main points you need to consider. These are Point 1 and Point 2. Read on to learn Headline Question.

For Point 1 and Point 2, you are going to simply list the two main points you found while browsing through EzineArticles. For my example, I would write an introduction that looks something like this:

> If you’re looking to discover what foods will help you lose weight, there are two main points you need to consider. These are which foods boost your metabolism and make your body burn calories, and which foods are low in calories but still fill you up and keep you strong. Read on to learn exactly which foods will help you lose weight.

Underlined, you can see where I filled in the blanks. It’s as easy as that. Read over that paragraph again and you’ll see that I have highlighted exactly what I’m going to be discussing and I’ve enticed my reader to continue on. Next, let’s find out how to create the main body of our blog post.

Now is where we go back to our EzineArticles that we found to help us create content. Each of our two main points is going to become a paragraph and each is going to be short and to the point. The beauty of blog writing is that your audience doesn’t have the attention span for long, meandering writing. They want their questions answered as clearly and quickly as possible.

That means you can take an entire article you found on EzineArticles and summarize it into just one of your paragraphs. That’s 3-5 sentences that capture the main point of the article. When you do this for both points, what you’ve done for your reader is done the work of reading the research out there and presenting it in a discrete and interesting manner. So for my example, here are my two body paragraphs:

> There are certain foods that you can consume that will actually help boost your metabolism so that you burn calories faster than you take them in. That means you’ll actually lose weight by eating. Does it get any better than that?! Some examples of these fat-burning foods are: grapefruit, green tea, almonds, yogurt, spinach, apples, cinnamon, and curry. Try adding some of these to your daily meals and watch the scales drop!
> In addition to boosting your metabolism, you will want to find foods that are low in calories. Make sure to look for foods that won’t leave you feeling hungry all day like celery. The following is a list of great foods that are low in calories but still help to fill you up: fruit, green beans, nuts, veggies with hummus, turkey with mozzarella, chicken soup, black beans, lentils and eggs. Incorporate these foods into your diet and you won’t feel the effects of losing weight.

As you can see, I’ve taken the main ideas and information I gained from the EzineArticles, but simplified them into a few sentences. I’ve loosened up the tone and you can hear my voice coming through the writing. The way I do this, is I pretend I’m writing an email to a friend. Blogs are great because they’re by nature more casual and personal than news sites or books. Just write naturally and you’ll have an easy-to-ready and truly captivating post. The key is not to overthink it!

I can say right now that this final paragraph is going to be our most important. But that’s not to say you have to suddenly develop major writing chops to complete this post. That’s because we’re not going to use our concluding paragraph in the traditional sense, summing up the main points and all that. Nope. We’re going to use it to sell.

Let’s save this last piece for tomorrow when we find the perfect product to promote and then incorporate it into our blog post.


Now that we have a solid structure in place for creating a blog post, we are ready to actually knock this thing out and publish it. First go to your WordPress admin page. You were most likely email this address but if not, you can find it easily like this:

For example, my wordpress admin page can be accessed here:

When you go to that page, you will be asked for your username and password. You established these when you first set up your web hosting and domain name registration. A welcome email your hosting company sent you will contain this information if you don’t remember what you chose.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the WordPress dashboard. This is where we’re going to be doing all of our work today. And it’s extremely simple to use. WordPress provides a handy picture of a mock dashboard here:

On the left panel, you’ll see the tab labeled “Posts“. Click on the first item under that list, also called “Posts“.

Now you can see the first post that has been started by WordPress for you that goes, “Hello, World!” Hover over the title of that post and click the small “Edit” button underneath.

Now you have access to the post itself and here is where we’ll be creating your first blog post. In the big title area at the top, delete the “Hello, World” title and type in your Headline.

Then in the big open box below that, go ahead and create your post starting with your Introduction and following with your 2-paragraph Body.

Once you have finished writing, click the blue “Update” button on the right of the dashboard. Just above the title area, you’ll see a yellow highlighted area that says, “Post updated. View post”

Click the blue View post link and you’ll be taken to your first publication. Congratulations! You’re a blogger now!

By the end of today, you should have created and published your very own blog post with a Headline, an Introduction, and 2 Body paragraphs. Now it’s ready to sell products and make you money!

Tomorrow we’ll be finding a product to sell and adding a promotion to the Conclusion of the post you just created. Great job today and I’ll see you tomorrow for the final Day 7 of our 7-day Challenge!

If you have any difficulty throughout today’s assignment, please leave a comment for me below. I will personally respond and try to help solve any problem you might have. Be sure to check the box labeled “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. That way, you will be alerted as soon as I respond.

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