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How To Write Content For your Website

Running your own online business is time consuming. One of the hardest things is constantly coming up with new content for your webpage and many people are stuck on how to write content for a website. Sometimes you just feel like you have nothing more to say. When this happens to me I have a process I go through and it helps me come up with ideas. Here is how I write content for my website.

The truth is there is nothing new to write about. Everything has been written. You are a clever person so you probably realize is it isn’t the topic that has to be new but how you approach the topic. It is the viewpoint of the author that makes it different.

For example I could write about getting a new puppy. I could write about this as a wonderful voyage of discovery. Bringing my puppy home, bonding with my puppy and all the joy it brings to me. Or perhaps I can write about all the fear of getting a new puppy. What will I feed him, how will I house train him, what if my new puppy gets sick. This is a fairly simplistic approach but I’m sure you see what I mean. You simply change your view point.

This is a little more difficult but certainly not insurmountable. I tend to read other peoples websites to get subjects for my posts. If that doesn’t work I flip through magazines to get inspiration.

One thing I do recommend is carry a note book everywhere. If an idea pops into my head I write it down. Ideas come at any time and you can’t always jump onto your computer and start writing so jot it down in your notebook.

I like to write down my ideas in bullet point form. For instance all the headings I put in my posts come from those bullet points. After I write them down I then arrange them in what I hope is logical order.

Once I am happy with that I start writing. At this stage you really need to keep going, get it all written. You do your editing after it is all written. By doing this you will help to keep your train of thought flowing.

Did I hear “eh what?” out there? The KISS formula means Keep It Short and Simple. When you proofread what you have written delete any unnecessary words and make sure that when you read your sentences they flow naturally. Short sentences and small blocks of writing are easier to follow and much more user friendly.

The easiest way to test what you have written is to read it out aloud. You could even record it and play it back. If it sounds right and makes sense then you have nailed it and you are ready to post it to your blog.

Now you have written your post you know you can do it. It is a good time to remember a few things. The first is nobody is perfect so don’t beat yourself up if you make a boo-boo. The second thing is the more you write the easier it will become. Third thing, never ever ever copy what someone else has written. Search other people’s posts for ideas and inspiration not to copy. Fifth it is your viewpoint that is unique not the idea.

I really hope this has helped you and, let’s face it, it did give me something to write about :-).

I would really love to hear your thoughts on writing content so why not leave a message for me below.

Best wishes and Good Writing.

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