How to Defeat a Repossession Order

If you’re up against something, you usually have to outwit and outlast them in order to conquer them. Solely outwitting someone is not enough. Do you know the story about the turtle and the hare? The two animals participated in a race. The hare outwitted the turtle initially, gaining ground rapidly and leaving the turtle far behind. After all, hares are natural runners. The turtle was no match for the speedy hare. However, the hare made a critical mistake. Being overconfident and wrongfully assuming that he was already assured of victory, the hare chose to rest for a moment halfway through the race. The turtle, in the meantime, continued his slow but constant crawl towards the finish line, eventually reaching and going beyond the sleeping hare’s location. When the hare woke up, the turtle was nowhere in sight, so he sped with all his might towards the finish line. Alas, it was too late- the turtle outlasted the hare, and won the race.

Using pure outlast tactics, on the other hand, is not recommended either. Even though you may have high perseverance, it’s unlikely that you’d make any progress in life if you don’t meld your unyielding nature with common sense. When you’re faced with a repossession order, you have to outwit and outlast it with all your might. How exactly do you outwit a repossession order? First, you should review all your possible options that will allow you to defeat the repossession order. For example, you can consider consulting a debt consolidation agency to settle your mortgage dues for you temporarily. You may also attend a debt relief program and be allowed to delay payment of your mortgage dues for a few more months.

Outlasting the repossession order is another mater entirely. In order to outlast it, you must get cash to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible. If the previously mentioned options do not appeal to you, you may resort to selling your house. Don’t waste precious time- prepare your house for sale by hiring movers and cleaners to make it presentable. You may also hire the services of a property broker and an advertising agency in order to make house selling a whole lot easier. Next, you’ll have to decide whether to sell your house directly to potential clients, or sell it instead to a sell-then-rent company. Decide which course you will take by answering the question: do I still want to keep my house? If you’re perfectly fine with letting your house go, then you can resort to direct selling. House ownership would pass on from you to the buyer. The advantage of this setup is that you may be able to get profit as long as you know how to set the selling price above market value. In the sell-then-rent option, you’ll have to sell your house to a sell-then-rent company at a discounted price. You’ll be able to keep your house by buying it back from the company via monthly rental payments.

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