How Canadians Can Save Money

If you or a family member live in Canada or another part of the world, here is a useful website I discovered which will help you save money when purchasing in the United States. If you are a US business owner with an online or Ebay business, you may want to recommend this to your customers.
This week I found a useful website which allows users worldwide to purchase items online from the United States and save lots of money on postage by providing them with a United States address. This website would be particularly helpful for the Canadian Customer who buys from multiple online US stores.
I think this website is great because for the US Business owners who know about it and can tell their non-American customers, it may stimulate the US economy. Here is the website:
The principle is simple. If you live outside the United States and wish to buy multiple products within the US, you can save money on shipping by having all of the orders shipped to a US address. Once the items arrive, this company will ship ALL of the items in one large box and thus save you lots of money is shipping fees and taxes.
I have not personally tried this website, so I do not know if it is or is not legitimate. Therefore, you will want to check it out yourself and find out.
For Ebay Business Owners, this is a great website to inform your customers about. Not only will it encourage more customers worldwide to purchase from you, it will also help stimulate the entire United States economy.
As fellow Americans, let us band together and find helpful resources so we can help this lagging economy. One of the best ways we can do this is by stimulating business from outside the United States. I believe this website holds part of the answers.
Once again, because I live within the United States I have not done business with this company. Therefore, please be advised you are doing business with them at your own risk. However, this website appears to be legitimate and it is a great idea. If you have experience doing business with this company, please leave your feedback on this article. Thank-you!
It is time for Americans to find ways to do business internationally in order to stimulate the US economy. I believe this website is one way for Americans to do this.

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