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Dedicated Hosting SQL Server

Finding the right dedicated hosting for your SQL server needs can be very difficult. The reason that it can be so hard to find the right options for you is because there are many different hosting companies out there that are advertising options that are not as secure or as reliable as they should be. Too many people have paid for products and services that don’t meet their needs, and this leads many website owners to believe that there are not many satisfactory hosts out there. CrystalTech is different from the rest in that we have features and services that are reliable and will keep you databases online and available.

We do not just provide one type of dedicated hosting SQL web server. Instead, we can provide you with a whole variety of servers. Not only can we provide you with Shared, Semi-Dedicated, and Dedicated services, we also offer you multiple choices within each of these types of services. These different choices will allow for you to choose the type of performance that you want with a price that matches your budget, as well as the amount of disk storage space and bandwidth that you require. All of the plans that you have to choose from will come with easy to understand stats so that you can always analyze how you are doing and what you might be able to do better.

A dedicated hosting SQL server is a great choice for you if you have outgrown the Shared and Semi-Dedicated options. Many times companies and individuals will start out with a Shared plan and soon find that they need to upgrade to Semi-Dedicated. After some growth, you may find your needs have changed and you need to upgrade again, and we can provide you just what you need. Most of the plans include more than $600 of free software, the ability to install any software of your choice, and there are many different hardware configurations to choose from.

If you want a reliable, affordable and secure dedicated hosting SQL hosting web server, CrystalTech would be glad to fulfill your needs. We have several different options for those who prefer Windows and those who want Linux as their operating system, so you can get what you want. When you visit us at, we have no doubt that you will like what you see and decide that we truly are a quality hosting service.

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