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Hotmail sign up process can be completed in a couple of minutes with few steps. This is to clarify that it is free of cost to sign up for this service. email provides sign up procedure on different platforms too, you don’t necessarily need to sign up from your Desktop or Laptop. Meanwhile you can register through mobile platforms too.


As mentioned before that the procedure can be completed in couple of minutes, without any further ado lets discuss about the topic itself.

1. Go to and select Create one as shown in the picture below. Or else directly go to the Sign Up page.
2. Now there’s a form that you’ll need to fill up very carefully, provide valid information on every fields.
3. Enter your name and last name. Choose your desired username, your username and Full name will be shown to your Hotmail Contacts and public. So make sure you choose your email address or username carefully. Select which ever domain you want either or
4. Now the next step is choosing password, choose a strong but an easy password so that you don’t have hard time remembering but in the same time making it impossible to guess. The credentials to create password for Outlook email is it should contain at least any of these followings: uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
5. Select your Country and your complete birth-date on this format: MM/DD/YYYY with your Gender.
6. Now this section is quite important because it consists factor that affect your account recovery option. Choose your country code, enter your reachable phone number and any alternative email address so that Microsoft can help you keep your account safe and secure.
7. Just to make sure you’re not a robot, you should complete a small procedure by entering a CAPTCHA code correctly. If it is quite hard then select two different option: New and Audio option.
8. So this is pretty much everything you need to do for Hotmail Sign Up Free.


There are a lot of complaints regarding new Microsoft account sign up. The reason behind it may be due to some security reasons and more. So here are some solutions to common problems seen during Hotmail Register.

* Choose a unique username in a way that it is unused and is available at the moment or else you won’t be able to proceed any further. Use numbers, symbols to make it unique.
* The CAPTCHA security box creates a lot of problem to users during the sign up process. Make sure you understand the letters provided to you. If you have hard time recognizing the image you can use different options such as change character or switch to audio version.
* Make sure you type in same password the two times you need to. Keep an eye on Caps Lock while doing so.
* There’s a temporary problem like error code 450 or the letters LEFKPK, these are error that will shortly be solved. Wait till 24hrs then try again later. For more help contact Microsoft support.

Basically, these are the information you need to know when you are in the sign up Hotmail process. After the sign up process you won’t need to provide sign-in credentials. But, after you logout from your account here are some login helps to your Hotmail email account. Following these simple steps you can easily access to your email account.

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