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All requirement for on page SEO friendly site

Google always love SEO friendly website. So, after you create any blogs or website we must need to do all time SEO works. Without SEO your website is useless. Because, without SEO you can’t optimize your site on Google first page. Today, I will teach you some method when you do on page SEO. In this blogging world SEO is two type.

On page SEO optimization

Off page SEO optimization

Now, I will teach you how to get good visitors from search engines. I mean all are organic traffic and build your blog site SEO friendly. It’s easy to learn from my blog. Hope you have no problem to learn our today’s lesson. Let use create SEO friendly website.

Post title: You must need to choose eye catching words for post title. It will easy for optimize your title on Google search engine. Must create 70 character title. So, your post title will be unique and attractive. People like to click your title when it shown first page on Google.

Meta Tag description: it’s the most important factor for on page SEO optimization. Without Meta description tag your blog post or blog can’t cache your site. You need to use good words on Meta tag description tag. Must put 150 – 160 character on your Meta tag description.

Meta keyword tag: Some months ago it’s most important and requirement factor for all blogger’s. But, unfortunately after some good update that’s not requirement for each blogger’s. Don’t use much keyword for each blog post. It will be harmful for your blog.

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Before you create content: When you start create article for your website or blog site. You must need to target your topic. You must need to create unique and high quality content. So, create content with each topic and properly build it.

Keyword density: Use your main keyword on your blog post. Not use too much keyword on blog post. Just put 3-4 same keyword on every blog post. It will be automatically optimize your keyword on Google search engine. So, create your all blog post with keyword based.

Use header Tag for every blog post: When you choose and type good header tag? You can use H2 Tag for optimize. It will be easily crawl your site by Google. Just click the below link before you use H2 tag on your blog post.

Picture: use 1 or more picture on your blog post. It will looks good and beautiful structure. You must need to use Title or ALT tag on every images. Because it’s important factor for on page SEO.

Bold keyword: You can use Bold or italic keyword on every blog post. It will be easily show on Google search engine. So, when you build SEO friendly website. You can use Bold or italic option on your keywords.

Permalink: it’s the most important things for on page SEO. All time use %post name% permalink for your every blog post.

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